March 12, 2011

Q & A, Tips

In short, yes! Skateboarding is extremely tough on your shoes. Mainly due to the grip tape on the top of the board. I always say that if your child’s shoes and board for that matter are getting ripped up really fast then good. That means they are using it!

Skateboarding shoes come in all types of designs and styles. Because different skaters will use their shoes a differently on the board,doing different tricks and what not, check your child’s shoes and see what the problem is. Is the sole wearing down to quick? Look at trying out a different type. Is the material on the side ripping up to easily? Try finding a shoe with a higher sole.  Is the stitching coming out? Look for a shoe with triple stitching. It’s all about finding  shoes that are built around the way you use them.

Most often or not skate shoes are either leather or suede. Leather does tend to last longer but are a little harder to break in and in my opinion don’t grip the board as well.  Suede on the other hand, are much more comfortable but rip up much faster.

Tip: Apply a thin coating of super glue to the areas that make the most contact with the grip tape. The glue will harden the material along with the stitching, adding at least an extra month to it’s existence.  If ripping shoe laces is a problem for you, then apply some super glue to them as well.


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