March 15, 2011

Q & A

It sure can! Very quick and easy too.  You can do it yourself, assuming you have the grip tape, or you can take it in to your local skate shop and ask them to do it. But if you do decide to take it in, as a courtesy remove your old grip first. Here’s how:

  1. Remove your hardware. Which are the 8 bolts attaching the trucks to the board.
  2. Get the grip tape warm. The grip tape is applied with an adhesive so it will stick to the board. As the adhesive warms up, it will become soft and will allow for easier peeling. Try to do it without first warming it up, and you may spend hours tediously picking the grip off in tiny pieces. To warm it up you can either stick it the direct sunlight for a few minutes or you can use a hairdryer. I prefer the hairdryer technique.  Start at one end of the board and start slowly heating and peeling your way to the other.

Once your board is grip free, it’s ready for new grip.  This is a great place to express yourself. There are hundreds of different grip tape options available. Here is a link to a great selection: http://www.txskateboarding.com/productsByCategory.do?groupCd=1&prodCd=G. Average price of grip is between $5 and $15 dollars.

Unfortunately, your selection at your local shop won’t be as good. They may only carry black. But you can always buy the grip online, remove the old grip from your board and take it in and ask them to apply it for you. They may ask for a small fee but in my experience that has never happened. Although I always try and leave a couple bucks as a tip or spend a couple dollars on some stickers or something.

Replacing your grip will not only give your feet better traction, but it will also make your old board look brand new again! Well the top of your board will look new again, not much you can do about the bottom.

Happy Skateboarding!

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