March 23, 2011

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Answer: Pop is the “reaction” the board has against the ground.  When a skater “pops” his nose or tail against the ground to do an ollie, or any trick for that matter, the wood reacts against the ground allowing the board to “jump” or rise.  A board without “pop” will absorb the energy and not allow normal lift.

Here’s a way to test your board to see if it still has some “pop” left. Bang the bottom of your tail against the ground or other hard surface. It should have a distinctive “popping” sound to it. It should also “jump” or “spring” back from the contact. You should be able to feel the reaction in you hands. Boards with little or no pop have a soft “thud” sound to them when you bang them, and they won’t have the same reaction from the contact.

Of course you can still skate on a board once the pop is gone. But if you are serious about your tricks, it’s of major importance.  Pop can also be referred to as the “life” of the board. Is  your board dead or alive?

Happy Skateboarding!!


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