March 25, 2011

Q & A

Answer: Skateboarding wax is applied to surfaces to allow for easier sliding or grinding. If you or your child are not doing these kind of tricks then wax is not something you currently need. It is often used by more experienced skaters performing technical maneuvers.

Although very effective, waxing curbs and other areas will leave behind it’s mark. Usually turning the area a dark almost black color. This is one reason why skateboarding in public places is being banned. So don’t let your kid run out and start waxing everything around the house. It definitely can leave an unsightly mess.

A waxed ledge.

To apply, simply rub the wax on to the area you want to skate. It may take a few passes the first time waxing a new area, but once a good foundation is made one pass is usually enough to do the job. If you put on too much it can make the spot scary to skate, making it a lot harder to learn.  So start light and apply as needed. You can also apply the wax directly on your board. This alone will not be enough to slide any surface, but it can help.

There are hundreds of different companies to buy wax from. It comes in all different shapes and colors but all is basically the same. Here is a link to a good selection. It only cost a few dollars and makes a great gift!

Happy Skateboarding!


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  1. Curtis Says:

    So, are you saying this wax will melt and deface my property if I allow boarders to use my driveway and curb?


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