March 27, 2011

Q & A

Skateboard Deck

Answer: Yes. When riding forward, the front is called the “nose” and the back is called the “tail”. Though they appear very similar, they are different. The nose of the board is usually bigger in size. Longer and wider. It will have a rounded “bottle” shape to it. The tail will be shorter and much more tapered and narrow.

Remember that boards are made in many different shapes. Some boards nose and tails will be easier to distinguish than others.  One great way to tell is to look at the graphic on the bottom of the board. If the image is vertical, the “top” is going to be the nose. If the image is horizontal, the right side of the image will be the nose.

Art applied with paint pens.

To avoid having to stop and look under your board to find the nose. Their are many things you can do to “mark” the top of your board for easy identification. You can simply find a rock and scratch the grip tape on the nose so that you can see it when riding and know that that’s the nose. Or you can get artsy with it. Some carve designs into their grip, or use paint pens to draw on their own graphics. Buying colored hardware is another option. Hardware are the bolts that hold the trucks on the board. You can buy them in many different colors and mark your board that way. Here is a link to a great selection.

Of course you can skate a board “backwards”  and it will still work and function normally. But all boards do have an intended nose and tail.

Happy Skateboarding!

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