March 30, 2011


Keeping your board in peek performance is a must! It is commonly overlooked by most skaters, but if done routinely it can make your skateboard last twice as long. Lets start from the top of the board and work our way down shall we.

Grip Gum!

1st The Grip– There is nothing like getting new grip tape on your skateboard. It can make an old used board look like new again. To learn more about replacing your grip tape click here. For the most part, the only thing you can you do to keep your grip free of dirt and mud is to keep the bottom of your feet clean, or never use it. Both are impossible! So your best bet is to buy some “grip gum”, which is an eraser type product that removes surface dirt on your grip. It won’t remove large blobs of mud and whatnot, but it does work and makes a real difference.

2nd The Board– To keep your board full of pop. Always keep it dry and avoid leaving it in the trunk of your car. This can be very bad for the board. The constant fluctuation of the temperature can cause the wood to become weak and soft, leading to premature breakage. Especially here in Texas where summer temps can get over 110  degrees. This can even cause your board to warp. Which will twist your board, making in sit uneven on the ground. Yikes!

3rd The Hardware– The hardware are the 8 bolts that keep the trucks attached to the board. These WILL rattle loose! Which will cause problems. The extra space it creates between the trucks and the board causes extreme vibrations. This will cause your board to get “stress cracks” or even worse, break! Also once the trucks become loose, they can slightly change angles and cause the board to pull in one direction. So before you skate make sure your hardware is tightened up!

4th The Trucks – Not much upkeep for the trucks. Just give them a quick look to make sure there’s no cracking or other damage. Also, make sure that your axle nuts, which are the nuts that hold your wheels on, are tightened down just enough to allow the wheel to spin freely. Have it too tight and it will rub against the wheel slowing it down. Have it too loose and it will allow the wheel to slide from side to side, damaging your bearings. No bueno!

Broken Bearing!

5th The Wheels and Bearings– For the wheels, just make sure there’s not any cracking or chipping. Also so that your wheels wear down evenly, it’s good practice to “rotate” or “flip” them over from time to time. As for the bearings, don’t do anything! You will have people tell you so many different ways to care for your bearings. Everything from taking them apart to soaking them in gasoline. Don’t do it! Once you take your bearings apart, which can be done with certain brands, they won’t go back together as snug as they were when the manufacturer made them. The more you do it, the more likely they will fall apart during riding. We suggest leaving your bearings alone for the most part. Whipping the surface dirt away is a good habit, but we don’t suggest taking the bearings out of the wheels unless you are changing them out. Because of the “prying” it takes to remove them, it stretches out the wheel some and they won’t go back in as snug either. Learn more about bearings here.

So again, give your board a good quick inspection before you skate it. It can not only save you money from having to replace parts, but it can even make riding a little easier! I suggest getting a Skate Tool. Which is a small portable tool that works every component on a skateboard. Many of them can slide right into your back pocket! Here is a link to a great selection!

Thanks for reading and Happy Skateboarding!

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  1. Abtin Says:

    If you ask me, the person who thought of goofy and regular was tricking everyone else to a potential of 50% of your skateboarding abilities, you need to do both, i started doing this after 10 years and i have greatly improved in the last year based on that theory. Good Luck and be patient to learn both, it takes a while to program, but its so obvious when you skate, you dont even have to do tricks, everyone will jock your style. haha, PEACE.


  2. Jerilyn Says:

    I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful info I was looking for this information for my mission.


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