April 9, 2011

Q & A

Answer: Being “sponsored” means that a company, being related to skateboarding or not, has taken an interest in your skateboarding abilities and would like to give you their product or service at a discounted rate or even for FREE! They hope by doing this other skaters see you, a great skateboarder, wearing or using their product and think that they should too!

There are many different levels of sponsorship. In most cases, up and coming skaters first sponsor is their local skate shop. Again, there is no set guidelines for sponsorship, but most shop sponsor ships look something like this. Maybe a free board every once in awhile along with other shop t-shirts and stickers, discounts on everything, pay your entry fees to contests, have you skate in demos, let you behind the counter at the shop, that kind of stuff. Definitely no paycheck though.

Getting a shop sponsor is however getting your “foot in the door” to the professional skateboard world. These shops deal directly with the big name companies everyday that do hand out the checks. Shops have “sales reps” who they call to order new product from. Many of these reps can have your sponsor me video put right into the hands of the “team manager”, who could watch your video, think you’re amazing and just what the company was looking for and BAM! You’re in there. Next thing you know they’re now sending you monthly packages in the mail with more product than you know what to do with. So you start handing some stuff down to your friends and now your the coolest person EVER! Next thing you know you’ve got a video part in their next major video, pictures in the magazines, touring around doing demos with the team, and your own board graphic coming out! Then you land a shoe sponsor! The golden pay check. Now you have your own pro model shoe design and your own board with your name on it and every time one sells it’s money in your pocket!

This scenario happens all the time. Maybe it can happen to your child!!

Happy Skateboarding!

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