April 14, 2011

Q & A

Answer: Yes. But so is driving to work or school everyday. According to recent statistics, you are 3 times as likely to be injured riding a bike!  Falling is a normal part of skateboarding. Although most injuries happen to those that have been skating less than a year. This means that there is a definite learning curve.  That’s why it’s best in the beginning to take it slow and learn the basics. Take a lesson or two and of course wear all your protective gear. Also spend some time learning basic maneuvers and balance in the grass. This is a great way to build confidence. Which is SO important in skateboarding. Also important is learning how to fall, read more about that here.

In short, yes skateboarding is dangerous. But what today isn’t?  It’s usually the kid without pads on that runs and jumps on to a skateboard like he’s Tony Hawk, that ends up in the emergency room.

Happy Skateboarding!

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  1. Kim Smallwood Says:

    When my son was learning, my husband taught him how to fall on his knees before allowing him to drop in. Now, 2 years later, my son has never (knock on wood!) had a bad injury. It’s also important to invest in good pads. Not all pads are the same and 187s are by far the best and will hopefully keep my son from needing a knee replacement in his 30s like so many men I know!


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