April 17, 2011

Q & A

Sponge Bob Skateboard from Wal-Mart

Answer: Well, just about everything is different. Sure it’s still a piece of wood with wheels under it, but the components used to build it are crap! Now we will admit that these “crappy” boards are getting a little better than they used to be, but still can’t come close to the real thing. We’re going to break it down for you…

First off the board(deck) is usually a little thicker, making it heavier. Also, most aren’t even made from the same kind of wood that “real” skateboards are made of. Causing them to react to the ground differently during tricks as well as fall apart much quicker and easier. Next, the trucks don’t work! Meaning that when you lean to one side of the board to make it turn, nothing happens. Or maybe it will turn some but not like it should! Again, they are made from a much cheaper material and will break and crack.  As for the wheels, they are usually made of some kind of plastic instead of urethane. This makes the board much slower, bumpier and provides less traction. They also will chip and fall apart really fast. Finally the bearings are junk! Spin it by hand it will only do a few rotations before stopping. A professional bearing can spin for up to a minute!

As you can see the difference is night and day between the two. Yet so many parents say “well I just want to see if my child takes an interest in it before I spend the money to buy a good board.” While this does make since, it also doesn’t.  Skating is way less enjoyable on a crappy board! Don’t give your child a bad first experience, or he/she probably WON’T take an interest in it.  You never want your equipment holding back your progression. So trust us when we tell you that it’s worth the extra 20 or 30 dollars you will spend to get a professional grade board. You can find some for as cheap as $50. Here is a link to a great selection.

Happy Skateboarding!

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  1. KARI Says:

    my son rides a “pig” skateboard I hear they are great boards am I right?


  2. Tony Coke Says:

    Although walmart boards have improved greatly in the past 20 years, they still suck. I think if more kids had a good skateboard to start with, they would stick with it longer. It’s really hard to learn or be excited about skateboarding with a board that rolls about two feet because they bearings suck.


  3. Shantel Says:

    I used to have a walmart board but then I bought an Element board a few weeks later. Such a big difference. The Element was much more lighter than the walmart board. I think parents should just get their kids a custom CCS complete from CCS.com. They go for about $80 and they’re good beginner boards.


  4. x Says:

    Are kryptonic good


  5. Anonymous Says:

    How can I tell if my board’s trucks are good or bad? I tried spinning the wheels and it only spun for like three or four seconds. Could it just be the wheels?


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