April 18, 2011

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Busted Shoelace!

A common problem skateboarders have is “busting”  shoelaces.  When doing ollies or any kind of flip trick, the skater has to slide his/her shoe across the grip tape. Causing the laces to eventually fall apart or as skaters refer to it….”bust”. If this is a common problem for you or your child, their are a couple of things you can do.

Great shoelace protection

First option is to buy a shoe designed to prevent this. Many shoes are designed with special “flaps” of material that protect the shoelace from making contact with the grip. If running out and buying new shoes isn’t what you want to do and you need a quick fix, try using super glue. By applying the glue to the shoelaces, it will harden them and make them much more resistant to the grip tape. I suggest doing this to every new pair of shoes you get.  Of course this will not stop the problem, but it will add a least an extra month to the laces.

Happy Skateboarding!

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  1. Denice Says:

    Do you know which prands of skate shoes have these protection covers for the laces??


    • SkaterMom.com Says:

      Most every shoe company will have at least one shoe designed with this feature. There really isn’t a company that only makes shoes with this option. So unfortunately you may have to just browse. Some that I know for sure are DC, DVS, LAKAI, ES and IPATH. Good luck, thanks for your question and thanks for reading!


  2. Hayley Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the glue!


  3. Christine Says:

    Ok my husband and son are bowl skaters and it’s a common problem…. We have been told to use duct tape around the laces during skate sessions…. Works like a charm!


  4. tiffany Says:

    Follower of facebook brand new ti blog. Love to see other moms supporting their kids in this sport!


  5. Meg Says:

    I always tucked my laces into my shoes or laced my laces backwards meaning to lace them where you tie them where the loops are between the laces and the tongue of the shoe…worked really well for me


  6. Reesa Ackman Says:

    My son swears by a product called Shoe Goo. It comes in a red tube (like tooth paste) He puts it on his brand new shoes to help save the laces and the many other places that develop holes. it really does slow the damage!
    hope this helps!



  7. Star Man Says:

    Well, there are many methods to shoe lace. Most shoes with eyelets but try different knots on shoelace. Or just change a different material sholeace! Have you consider using Velcro?



  8. Synch Bands (e) Says:

    We launched a new type of shoe lace called Synch Bands (pronounced cinch) and gave some free pairs away at this year’s X Games in Los Angeles. SKaters have gotten back to us and they said the bands totally hold up to their skate sessions. Check us out at http:///synchbands.com or http://fb.com/synchbands


  9. Kim Smallwood Says:

    One of the pros at the skate park referred me to this site: http://www.oldkook.com/website/html/super.html
    He says his laces last longer than his shoes!


  10. Kim Smallwood Says:

    My son has been wearing the snake laces from Old Kook http://www.oldkook.com and it’s been a week of skating every day and not one broken lace! They really hold up!


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