April 23, 2011


A longboard!

A longboard is an over sized skateboard really. Where a “normal” skateboard length is around 32 inces, a longboard is usually 40 inches and up! They can be used in a variety of ways, from cruising around long distances, going fast downhill or doing stunts and tricks.  However, the designs of the board vary depending on the type of performance that the rider expects from it. The more common design is known as the teardrop. Which is popular with newcomers because of the simplistic shape and it’s maneuverability. Another type of design is what is known as the drop through deck. It allows for extremely tight turning but is primarily designed for down hill riding. There are also the hybrid designs that let the rider get creative with the type of ride that they want to get out of their board.

Tear Drop Design

Although trying to “piece” together a longboard from scratch(meaning buying all the components separately) is much more difficult than for a “short” board. There are many more factors to take into consideration. Such as….What type of surface will you primarily be riding on? How wide is your board so that you get the right size trucks. How much “wheel clearance” is there? That will determine the size of wheel you will need. Also, what size risers will yo need? etc…..

We suggest when buying a longboard for the first time that you shop for a “complete”. One that is all ready “ready” already! It will come assembled correctly with the right specs(meaning all the components will be the correct size).  Then as you become more familiar with it, customization can come in to play.

Drop-Through Design

We also suggest anyone that skates regularly own a longboard. They are a great mode of transportation as well as extremely fun just to ride! Warming up with a longboard before  shortboarding really helps too. It acts like a “heavy bat” in baseball. Your legs get use to manipulating the heavier longboard and then when you make the switch, your shortboard feels extra light under your feet and you feel much more control.

Thanks for reading and Happy Skateboarding!

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