April 24, 2011


Unfortunately skateboarding competitions can be hard to come by. That is unless you are willing to travel all over the place chasing them down. Locally, your skate shops and skate parks are most likely going to be the ones holding such contests. Start by calling them and seeing what they know. If they don’t know of any, then your next step is to suggest that they should organize one! Tell them you would be willing to help and remind them that it’s a great way to advertise. If that doesn’t work, call the shops/parks in your neighboring towns and cities and ask them the same questions. Eventually you will talk to the right person. On a larger national scale however, there are a few major skateboarding competitions that do bounce from state to state. Here are 2 of the best!

Volom’s Wild in the Parks Series – There are absolutely no entry fees, so anyone can enter. There are 3 divisions: 14 and under, 15 and over and Open(pro am). Show up early to ensure a spot in the event, because they fill up quick! This competition has a great environment to hang out, eat some free food, skate, cheer on your friends and go home with prizes! Here is a link to the current event calendar.

Gatorade Free Flow Tour – The 2011 Tour consists of 30 regional events across local parks in the U.S., featuring skateboarding (park and vert) and BMX (park and dirt). The winner of each regional event earns a trip to compete in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals held in conjunction with professional Dew Tour events in Portland and Salt Lake City. The champions in the four disciplines of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals earn a spot to compete against the pros at the Dew Tour Championships, held October 13-16, 2011 in Las Vegas. What a dream ride that would be!!!

Sometimes skateboarding competitions can pop up over night so always keep checking with your local shops and parks. Usually you’ll have better luck at a skate park since they have the means to hold one. If you’re not already, you should definitely be on a first name basis with the people working at these establishments. Ask them their name, tell them yours. Start building a relationship with them and they will be more open to your ideas!   -Thanks for reading and as always…Happy Skateboarding!

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  1. Erika Spies Says:

    This is an excelent article. Also I would like to invite you to come to our 2nd Skate Jam Contest. We are going to have this kind of contest every 1st Saturday of the Month until August. We are located at 919 Tower Rd, Mundelein, IL 60060. Feel free to call us at (847)241-4903. Here is the event flyer:


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