April 29, 2011


This post is for those that live in a town or city without a skate park and would like some tips on getting their city council to consider building one. It can’t be done alone so you’ll need to get other skater moms in your area to help you. Try to get a group of moms and delegate each with certain tasks and get organized!

1st off you’ll need to show the city that there is a demand for one and thanks to facebook this is pretty easy to do.  So start a facebook fan page for your cause. Title it something like “Somewhereville, TX Needs a Skate Park”. Then get as many people to like it as possible. The easiest and fastest way would be to use Facebook Ads. This is an amazing tool that will allow you to target your campaign to those in and around your city.  These are the ads you see on the right hand side of your FB page. The best part about running the ads is that you won’t pay anything unless people click on it! Clicks usually cost around .25 cents and up. Another great way would be to run a simple ad in your local paper. It can be done for probably around 25 dollars. Also put up fliers and signs around town and in businesses asking people to go like your page.

Next start an actual partition. Ask a local business to let you set up a table in front to get signatures or to leave a clipboard on the counter. You can even set up an online partition to capture signatures. Here is a link to such a place. Don’t forget to get neighboring cities to sign your partition and like your page as well. This will show that the park will bring extra visitors!

Now you’ll want to start hitting the phones! Call other cities similar in size to yours that do have a skate park and ask them about all the good it’s brought. Such as increased tourism & revenue, less skating on the streets, stronger community, etc. Be sure to take excellent notes and even ask for documents when available. Also ask them who built it and how much it cost. Then start doing your own research to find out how much a skate park will cost. It’s important to do all the leg work so that the day you present your campaign to the city all they will need to do is say “yes”! Here are a couple of links to companies that build skate parks and can give you an estimate. Team Pain, Grindline and SPA. Also here is a link to some organizations that provide funding for skate parks!

Again, be thorough with your campaign.  Remember you don’t want the members of the city council to have to think to hard. So be and look as organized and professional as possible. Don’t forget to scout out possible locations as well as come up ways to keep it maintained. Cover all the details! Even offer ways to raise some of the money through community events! Learn to use Google, it is your best resource! Take everything into consideration and show them the demand and benefits of having a skate park!

-As always…Happy Skateboarding!

P.S. Let us know once your FB page is up and and I’m sure your fellow skater moms will have no problem backing you up and “liking” your page!



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