May 1, 2011


We’re not talking about cleaning up trash here. Although we do suggest doing that. This post gives 3 ways you can put a stop to such things as profanity, vandalizing, drug use or any other misconduct at your local skate park.

#1-Say something. Ask them nicely of course. Say something like, “excuse me do mind not doing suchandsuch while my children are around, I’m not ready for them to be introduced to that at this age. I would really appreciate it?” Make sure you say it with a smile and be as nice and friendly as possible. This is always the best approach. You’ll see that most of the time if approached in the right way, people will have a hard time being rude to you. Kill em with kindness!

#2-If saying something is not your style. We suggest letting your local law enforcement say something for you. But remember that you are calling them on people that you and your child will likely see again. Getting on peoples bad side should always be avoided, so the best way would be to call them from your car and be anonymous.  Also, don’t approach the officers when they arrive, or leave before they get there so you’re not associated with there presence. It may take doing this a few times before it will be effective for the long run, but it works!

#3-Approach your city council about installing surveillance cameras and signs saying “You Are Being Recorded!”. This is done at many skate parks to curb graffiti and other illegal behavior. If the city gives opposition, suggest installing “fake” cameras, they will still work!

As a Skater Mom, its important to ensure your children can utilize the skate park in a safe and comfortable environment. However please remember that you and your kids will likely see these trouble makers again and again so be sure to handle it appropriately.

-Happy Skateboarding!

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  1. April Bullard Says:

    Thank you for posting this message. I have been struggling lately with the state of our local skatepark. My son is 4 years old and he loves skating there but the problem I am having is with the fowl language and presence of pot. I recently noticed open condoms on the ground inside the skatepark too. How disgusting is that? I am often too afraid to approach the young men speaking so filty but you have given me a bit of courage to try it the next time I hear it. Thanks! I really enjoy your posts, I have really learned a lot.


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