May 20, 2011


Got a birthday coming up? Well do something a little different this year and have a Skateboarding Birthday Party! Here are some great tips and ideas:


  • The best location would be at your local skate park. Unfortunately not every city has one. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you’ll have to make the best of what you do have. Maybe your home provides enough space. You will want to find a smooth open area about the size of a basketball court for ideal riding conditions. If your home doesn’t work, look around town for a city park that has a basketball/tennis court that is rarely used.

    Party Decorations!


  • We suggest having your party in the morning hours. Here’s why:
  1. If your having your party at the local skate park, then by doing it in the morning you will miss the afternoon rush! Usually skate parks are running full speed by 1 pm.
  2. If your having your party at a city park then you will want to get there early to “claim” your area. Again, by 1pm the park should be at it’s busiest. Also the earlier you go, the least likely someone will be using the court you want to skate on.
  3. If you live somewhere hot, then to beat the heat!


  • If you’re at the park, playground, or on the front sidewalk, add a few decorations to give your location a party atmosphere. Here are a few ideas:
  1. Use some sidewalk chalk to decorate the pavement.
  2. Hang some skateboarding posters.
  3. Borrow some skateboards from friends to lay them around using them as props.
  4. Hang skateboarding balloons and streamers.
  5. Decorate your party table with a skateboarding them cloth. Use a skateboard for it’s centerpiece.

    Skateboarding Birthday Cake!

  6. Hang birthday banners in the background.


  • Fortunately, the skateboards will provide most of the entertainment. But here is a list of things you can do to make it extra awesome!:
  1. Music: This is a must! Pull out that old radio and turn it up!! Nothing screams PARTY better than loud music.
  2. Demo/Lessons: Call up your local skate shop and tell them you would like to get a couple of skaters to come do a demonstration at the party. As well, maybe give everyone a few pointers. Or maybe you know a friend or family member that could do it.
  3. Skateboarding Games: Musical Skates: Make a large circle using cardboard stars (enough stars for all but one skater). Have the kids skate around the stars while music is playing. When the music stops, the kids must race to one of the stars. The player who doesn’t find an empty star is out. Remove a star and play again. Repeat until one player remains.  Follow the Leader: Have one skateboard birthday party guest skate around the area anyway he or she likes, while the others follow.When two minutes are up, blow a whistle and have the leader touch another player. That skater becomes the new leader, and he or she then leads the group in a creative skate.  Skate Race: Divide the skating party guests into two teams lined up in two rows. On the word “Go!” have the first two players race from one side of the skating area to the other side and back again, then tag the next players to continue the race. The team that finishes first wins.  Skate Tag: Play a game of tag on skateboards.

Good luck with your next skateboarding party and remember this…Teach them a few tricks, play a few games, and everyone will skate away happy! Also here is a great place to get some skateboarding party supplies.

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Moms Guide to Skateboarding!

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    go to check out the cool cupcakes they did with the Toy boarders !!


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