May 27, 2011



Here are 3 ideas to keep your child skating this summer…

  1. SUMMER CAMPS– This is an obvious one. Call your local skate park/shop and ask them about details. If you cannot find one in your town, find the closest one to you and make a vacation out of it. Some camping could be intertwined with it as well. Skate in the day, camp at night! If you need some help finding a skate camp near you just ask us for help by posting on our facebook wall or just send us an email at
  2. CONTESTS– Take your skater kid to a major contest. We are always posting event updates on our FB PAGE. Or you could have one of your own! It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just gather a few prizes and a few people to judge. Then have your child and his friends gather some skaters. Meet at the skate park, give them each a few minutes to skate or perform a set task and award prizes! You can make it as cool as you want!
  3. BUILD A RAMP– If you have the room at home, build/buy a ramp. Here is a link to a great resource for ramp building. Also, check craigslist for some that may be for sale in your area. Such ramps can be big unmovable objects or small enough to bring in and out of the garage when needed.

As always, make sure your children are safe this summer. That means, stay hydrated, wear protective gear, stay off the streets and always check in!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY SKATEBOARDING!

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Moms Guide to Skateboarding!

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  1. Erika Says:

    We have a great Summer Break Program. Please check our website out and call us if you have any questions. located in Mundelein, IL.


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