June 1, 2011

Q & A

ANSWER: Hard to say really. It can depend on a number of different things. Such as how often they use it, what tricks they do on it, what kind of board it is, how much they weigh,  etc…Everyone beats up the board a little differently so this question has no real answer.

As for the undercarriage of the board,(the trucks and wheels ) it should last the longest. Possibly years! It’s the “deck” that will be the first thing to go. For young beginners, a deck should last anywhere from a couple of months to a year or so. Again, it all depends on the rider.  Older more experienced riders can go through them much quicker. Maybe one every month!

Hopefully your child’s board looks worse and worse every time they go skate because that means they are using it!! If your child is going through them faster than your budget, start buying blanks. They are just as good as any name brand board at half the cost! Also, if your child’s boards are snapping in half, you want to buy a slightly wider board. With width comes strength!

Whatever the case. Be happy to see your child’s board thrashed! Every scratch shows his love for the sport!

As always…thanks for reading and HAPPY SKATEBOARDING!

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