June 8, 2011

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Here are some record breaking videos of the legendary Danny Way. Know best for his innovated use of over-sized skateboarding structures, he is one of only a few professional skateboarders to push the limits of skateboarding! If your children are near, ask them to take a seat and watch history in the making!

This is Danny jumping over the Great Wall of China! He was the 1st to jump the Great Wall without motorized help. In 2002 a mountain biker tried the jump, and was killed.

Here’s Danny setting a world record by freefalling 28 feet from the Fender Stratocaster guitar atop the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

Finally, here’s Way breaking the land speed record on a skateboard!

Danny Way is continually pushing himself and his skateboarding to the next level. We hope you share these videos with your skaters and encourage them to do the same! As always….THANKS FOR READING/WATCHING and HAPPY SKATEBOARDING!

We bet your friends would love to see this! Even if they’re not into skating. Share it with them below…

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