June 13, 2011


We recently had a mom ask us this great question! “When’s it ok to stop running over to your child in front of his friends when he wrecks?” 

As parents, the normal response anytime your child’s in distress is to run to their side to help. While this is what good parents do, it’s not always the coolest thing to do! This is true not only for skateboarding, but just about any sport or activity your child may be involved in. More than likely they are participating with their peers, and having your “mommy” running in to save you is not always looked up to. So follow these tips if you ever find yourself in this situation.

  1. Don’t panic. Usually when skaters fall they don’t just POP back up to their feet. Sometimes they like to lay there for a second or two to catch their breath. Skateboarding can be exhausting, so if you’re already laying down, may as well enjoy it for a sec! So again, don’t panic.
  2. Keep eye contact. More than likely your watching your kiddo skate from the sidelines, and odds are they know exactly where you are. So if they want you to come in they will no doubt-ably look at you with “HELP ME” eyes. Most often another skater will ask him/her if they’re ok. So if others give you a “you should probably come over here” look go ahead get in there.
  3. Do it quickly but calmly. Running in screaming will only draw attention to the situation as well as a crowd. If your child is moving but in some obvious pain, be sure to get there fast but don’t run in like some crazy woman. Skaters get “whacked” with the board all the time. And it hurts really bad for like the first minute or two. After that, it’s usually back to skating.
  4. Assuming your child only is moderately injured, when you get there instead of asking “are you ok”, ask them them “how bad is it?”  Typically “are you ok” won’t get you an accurate response. Of course they’re not ok, they fell down and maybe are even a little embarrassed. By asking them “how bad is it” you will get you a more accurate description of their injury’s.

As SKATERMOM’S, you gotta have tough skin! Be ready for these situations so you handle them with some clarity. You don’t want to embarrass your child in front of his peers by running into the middle of the skate park every time he falls down. It’s also a great way to “toughen them up a little.”




Moms Guide to Skateboarding!

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  1. Pierrette Wiseman Says:

    First of all I want to give you props for this blog. I stumbled on it when I was trying to find an answer to one of my sons questions “what is a kid skater called?” I ended up asking someone at the skate park the answer is Grom or Gerb (however Gerb apparently is a Canadian thing)

    This post stuck with me because another mom was asking me are you scared of him getting hurt? Of course I am scared of him getting hurt he is my kid, but I have a crazy fearless kid who has been that way since he was born, I joke that he is made from rubber and steal because more then once I think he should have broken something but he just bounces back.

    I have gotten bad looks from a few other moms at the skate park because I don’t rush to my little C Monster (my son is 4 years old, so yes he is still my little Monster) as soon as he bails or wipes out. Their kids are probably 7-8 and the first moment of anything that may be bad they react. For me it’s not about my 4 year old looking though in front of other skaters – he is 4; so yes if he really gets hurt he cries; it’s more about my parenting style. It’s does not matter if we are at the playground, the skate park, climbing a tree, he understands already at the age of 4 to come and get me if something hurts vs. if it was just a little fall. We have always celebrated falls I remember when he was learning to walk and he would fall we would say “wipe out” and clap and laugh together; falls quickly became fun instead of scary. The other day he told me “thank you mama, I like my pads because they make crashing and flying more fun” he is making reference to his skate gear and when he is working on nailing whatever he is working on.

    I just fear the day he comes up to me and says pads and helmets are not cool; but he is 4 so I have a while before that happens and other things to worry about for now.


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