July 11, 2011


Check out the flexibility it took to break the world record for highest ollie. 45 inches!

It’s no secret that skateboarding takes balance, but it also takes agility! Being agile, or flexible is not something that comes overnight either. It takes dedication. Of course this is overlooked by most youth because it’s not fun and it hurts if done right. Talk to your children and explain to them the importance of being flexible. Here are some points to make:

  1. Skateboarding takes constant motion and manipulation of all body parts. Being able to adjust your weight/balance to stay on the board is crucial!
  2. Aside from the agility needed to just stay on the board, doing actual “tricks” takes extreme flexibility as well as coordination.  Grab tricks for instance require the skater to bend down and grab the board with their hand while keeping their feet on the board. Or when landing off big drops, the skater will need to compress all the momentum and energy from the fall into his legs. This is done threw a squatting motion. The bigger the drop, the lower the squat will be on the landing.
  3. Like with any sport, muscle fatigue can set in quick if not properly hydrated. This can bring cramps. Stretch first!
  4. Pros do it! Most pro’s know the importance of stretching out before skating. Next time your at a demo or watching pros on t.v. look for it.

It’s important to stretch some before and during skating, but even more afterward. Remind your child to stretch a bit after each session. As we mentioned earlier, becoming flexible takes dedication. Ask your child to stretch some everyday even if they’re not planning to skate. Start with one minute then move to two and so on.


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